Images of Mexico




Mexican Signs


These are various signs I photographed in Puebla and Mexico City, Mexico.


California Dreaming


Long after my first trip to California in April 2015, I’ve decided to share some of the images. I may make a second pass and crop/edit some of them in the future.

Bonus – Impressions of the Best Coast:

  • Composting is real in San Francisco! I would love to see it as a widely accommodated option in other parts of the country.
  • Authentic announcements in Spanish and Chinese on public buses in San Francisco. Compare that to Google-translated or “my niece took a semester of Spanish” signs in many other US cities, including those with large multilingual communities.
  • Trolleybuses in San Francisco! They are green, after all.
  • Dogs are not on leashes but don’t seem to care for/bark at strangers.

Toronto Winter 2014


I mostly remember it being very cold outside and spending a lot of time in restaurants trying to stay warm (and spending time with our friend Carter, of course!). So this is more of a documentary record rather than an attempt at any sort of artistic imagery. No cropping/level adjustment; just a simple conversion to JPEG. What you shoot is what you get.