Why I’m not on Facebook (anymore)

Man at his laptop

image by bruno_free

Some co-workers told me they found my blog while trying to find me on Facebook. Well, it is official: I am not on Facebook. Any namesake you find is a different person.

Just to clarify: it’s not a “going-against-the flow” attitude or some sort of statement. I had a Facebook profile for 3 years and am still on a Russian and a Swiss expatriate social network. I agree with those of you will say Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with far-away friends and share news and photos easily. The reason I left Facebook is personal, and I’ll try to explain it in this post.

In a nutshell, I want to have the luxury of being contacted exclusively by people who care enough to make an effort to get in touch. In other words, would you remember my birthday if the website calendar hadn’t reminded you, would you ask me how I was if you hadn’t read my latest update and would you make a point of sharing your news/pictures with me if they didn’t show up on everyone’s wall at a click of the mouse? Too demanding, you say? Perhaps. That’s why I call friends of this quality a luxury.

If you’ve as much as written an email, a text or an instant message to me, you know that I am always frequently online and am fairly good at answering incoming correspondence. Which means there are effective ways of getting in touch with me, besides social networking… if you want to.

Once again, I am not trying to condemn social networking in general or Facebook in particular. It’s just that at this point in my life, it’s not something I feel I need. But, yes, I am officially alive and accessible via all sorts of media, so if you landed on this page while looking for my Facebook page, feel free to drop me a line.


3 thoughts on “Why I’m not on Facebook (anymore)

    1. Hi Judy,
      It’s nice to know I’m not alone. So far, many of my friends who initially deleted their Facebook profiles have returned to it.

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