A few American idiosyncrasies

Trailer Park Sign

Image by belisle

These observations are not to be taken personally as these are just things that are peculiar to the US as opposed to other countries I’ve been to. I am in no way bitter; in fact, I plan a similar post on my home country of Russia.

So, only in the USA…

  • can a person who has no house still have a car
  • people go out to eat sandwiches and subs, which in another country you would wrap up to eat for lunch at work
  • a “small” ice cream equals European “large”

Can you think of any other things to add to the list?


6 thoughts on “A few American idiosyncrasies

  1. Hi Maria,

    I love this post. It’s so interesting to hear what strikes foreign students as unusual or interesting when they study in the U.S. Thanks for sharing, and I can’t wait to hear the observations about Russia.

    I posted a link to this article on the Student Union, which is a blog about international student life in America. We focus exactly on stuff like this – international students sharing their observations and helping future students understand what it’s really like to study in the U.S.

    1. Hi Jessica,

      Thank you for your feedback. It is quite interesting how the whole economic system makes the culture unique. Take cars, it is much more affordable to own a car than a house in the US.

      Thanks for linking to my post on the Student Union. I have heard about your organization; in fact, I tried applying to be a contributor. Well, I can say I made it through a different venue. 🙂

  2. Here is a few..

    In America, the Bank robs YOU!

    Our Nation’s capital is filled with Hookers, Pimps, Crackheads and drug dealers… And that’s just the Congress, don’t get me started on the Senate!

    The Confederate flag (The popular “Rebal X” version) is often refered to as the “Stars and Bars”.. Although the “Stars and Bars” is a Confederate flag, it’s not the same thing. If you need a referance, just Google.

    Only America can come up with a board game that ends up getting banned in other countries.. – Monopoly is currently banned in two countries (North Korea and Cuba) – and if you have to ask why, just play the game with a group of American friends from your Economics class.

    Only in America with board high school kids with too much free time on their hands will go to the airport just to watch plains take off and land at night, but will go to the movies to fall asleep.. (If this happens in Russia, then feel free to use it their too.)

    Only in America can law makers come up with the saying “Gun Rights”.. Guns don’t have Rights!! If they did, you thinks most of them would be in Texas???

    and last but not least for this lunch hour…

    Only in America, can a company giant, ohh.. let’s say, Xerox, would set up what was called “The Palo Alto Research Center” aka. PARC, in 1970 with the plan to hire young, intelligent minds from the local high tech Universities, then close down their ideas and cancel their projects for mass production involving a “Desk Top Workstation” – which was called “ALTO” and a later version called “STAR” at the time, all over culturel indefferences. In other words, the grey haired top brass out of New England, just didn’t know what to think of such a concept.
    But all was not lost…
    PARC was one of the first private research centers in a place in California that would later become known at “Silicon Valley”… Many of the former PARC members went on to start and/or work for companies like Apple, Microsoft, Adobe sytems, Cisco, Sun Micro systems, ect..ect.. As for Xerox, well, their still kicking themselves in the butt…

    Hope this helps 🙂

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